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Ph. D

이태우(Taewoo Lee)

Ph.D (2016) Parallel SRP-PHAT for GPUs
Ms (2012) Graphics processing unit based real-time implementation of steered response power-phase transform for human-robot interaction
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Current Samsung Electronics

임현택(Hyeontaek Lim)

Ph.D (2016) Speaker selective source localization for non-trivial noise environments
Ms (2010) Continuous speech visualization using phoneme recognition
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Current Samsung Electronics

유인철 (Inchul Yoo)

Ph.D (2015) Robust voice activity detection using formant frequencies
Ms (2008) New similarity measure using spectral peaks for robust distant sound recognition
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Current Korea University

이협우(Hyubwoo Lee)

Ph.D (2015) Multi-channel voice activity detection using multi-source
Ms (2009) Space-time voice activity detection for mobile environments
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Current KT Corporation

조영규(Youngkyu Cho)

Ph.D (2011) Robust speaker localization using steered response voice power
Ms (2003) Support vector machine을 이용한 음소 인식
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Current LG Electronics

김동현(Donghyun Kim)

Ph.D (2008) Acoustic model adaptation using linear spectral transformation for robust speech recognition
Ms (2004) Fast speech adaptation using linear spectral transtorm for additive and convolutional noises
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Current ETRI


오현우 (Hyunwoo Oh)

Ms (2020) 지연 보상을 적용한 파이프라인 방식 확률적 경사 하강법
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Current Saltlux (전문연구요원)

이건녕 (Keonnyeong Lee)

Ms (2020) 다수 화자 음성 변환을 위한 VAE의 잠재 공간 Disentanglement와 변환 경로 학습
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Current Koh Young Technology (전문연구요원)

임성균 (Seonggyun Leem)

Ms (2020) 심층신경망 기반 음성 인터페이스의 환경 적응을 위한 선형 스펙트럼 특징 변환
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Current UT Dallas (유학)

고봉구 (Bonggu Ko)

Ms (2020) Cycle-consistency를 이용한 다수 화자 한국어 음성변환
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Current Withcat

정동화 (Donghwa Jeong)

Ms (2020) Triple attention을 이용한 음성 인식
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Current TmaxSoft (전문연구요원)

이효원 (Hyowon Lee)

Ms (2019) Pipelined stochastic gradient descent for training deep neural network models
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Current KT Corporation

임단 (Dan Im)

Ms (2018) Improving seq2seq by revising attention mechanism for speech recognition
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Current Kakao (전문연구요원)

이은상 (Eunsang Lee)

Ms (2017) Parallel training for deep neural network based speech recognizers
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임수현 (Suhyun Lim)

Ms (2017) DNN regularization using dropconnect in speech recognition
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박지웅 (Jiwoong Park)

Ms (2016) Stacked denoising autoencoder for speech recognition
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Current LG Electronics

탁민우(Minwoo Tahk)

Ms (2014) Parallel Baum-Welch algorithm for GPUs
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Current NHN


Ms (2014) Incremental lattice generation for continuous speech recognition
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Current Datatang

이병천(Byoungchun Lee)

Ms (2014) Parallel Viterbi algorithm using multi-core processors
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Current Softcamp

오상준(Sangjoon Oh)

Ms (2012) Speech enhancement in noisy environments for distant-talking speech recognition
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Current LG Electronics

조선호(Sunho Cho)

Ms (2011) Segmented Viterbi algorithm for speech recognition
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Current LG Electronics

방용찬(Yongchan Bang)

Ms (2011) An improved speech visualization using formant frequency
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Current LG Electronics

이시현(Sihyun Lee)

Ms (2010) 로봇 음원 위치 추적을 위한 소음제거 방법
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Current Samsung Electronics

권수혁(Soohyuk Kwon)

Ms (2010) Analysis of speaker recognition performance for various speaker enrollment methods and amount of speech data
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Current Samsung SDI

최우진(Woojin Choi)

Ms (2010) Sound source localization using phase and sound pressure
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Current LG Electronics

공동현(Donghyun Kong)

Ms (2009) A study on speech visualization interface for language learner
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Current Yonsei University (진학)

양경철(Kyongchul Yang)

Ms (2009) Speech and music discrimination using spectral transition rate
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Current Renault Samsung Motors

정재연(Jaeyoun Chung)

Ms (2007) A study on the effect of shadowed microphones for automatic sound source localization by robots
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Current LG Electronics

방규섭(Kyuseop Bang)

Ms (2006) Monophone distance를 이용한 효율적인 state clustering
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Current Hyundai Motor Company

유봉수(Bongsoo Yoo)

Ms (2005) 음성인식 성능향상을 위한 MMILST기반의 모델 적응 기법
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Current Medison

김성아(Sung-A Kim)

Ms (2004) Data-driven attribute set generation for decision tree-based clustering
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Current Ajou University

이순규(Soonkyu Lee)

Ms (2003) Hidden Markov models을 이용한 viseme 인식
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Current DFOCUS